A familiar habit
Usually we put important things somewhere to keep them. Drawer, storage, bag, case.. Through this habit, I realized the need to integrate the components that make up the lights into an assembly. LightSKIN is designed and made to be fully functional, universally appropriate and aesthetically modern, ensuring maximum performance for the strength and functionality of bicycle parts.

Compared to existing bike lights that are attached externally, built-in light handlebar and seatpost have numerous advantages. There is no extrusion, so there is less risk of breakage and less possibility of theft. It guarantees superior performance and the resistance to damage by water is excellent because of adoption of the LED circuit self-invented in South Korea and a unique patent internal structure.

Simple design
A simple design harmonizes with the overall design of the bicycle, enabling customers to ultimately achieve a modernized aesthetic. Lightskin built-in light products with simple design and function won the 2010 red-dot design award, the 2020 red-dot design award, and the 2020 Taipei d&i award. Simple design is connected to our sustainability effort.  

Integrated lights
The lights are in the frame. It is technically functional, practical from the user’s point of view, and aesthetically simple. The simple design is not easily bored and makes the product last longer. And reducing the number of products by combining parts is forward-looking and linked to our commitment to sustainability.