H2 is a bicycle handlebar with an integrated headlight (with 1 LED). There are 3 types of H2: H2B, H2E, H2D. The power source of H2B is an integrated rechargeable battery. The battery can be charged via a micro-USB port. H2E is connected to an external power source via a connection cable, for example to the battery of an e-bike. H2D is powered by a dynamo hub.

Handlebar test standard ISO 4210 Mountain bike: 31.8㎜ center diameter
Function The headlight is operated by a button on the front side of the handlebar.
Light modes: Off → on (extra bright) → on (bright) → Off
Power source Lithium polymer battery
3.7 V, 2000mAh
type: 8018120, with integrated overcharge protection
Power consumption 1.3W
Light Duration (fully charged battery) Extra bright: 4 hours
Bright: 6 hours
Charging Time: 5 h
Charge State Indicated by a blue LED integrated into the micro-USB socket. As soon as this LED lights up, the battery still has enough capacity to power the LEDs for 1 more hour in accordance with the regulation. The micro-USB port is covered with a semi-transparent silicone cap so that the blue LED is visible and the port protected from the elements.
Package Contents Front light handlebar
USB charge cable(200cm)


Handlebar test standard EN 15194 
Function The headlight is operated by the light switch of the e-bike system. The headlight does not have a high beam or daytime light mode
Power source On-board battery of the e-bike. The headlight can be operated with on-board voltages (direct current – DC) from 5 V to a maximum of 24 V. The electrical connection is made with different cables and connectors in compliance with the relevant regulations. 
Power consumption 1.5W
Nominal voltage DC 6V (5 V – 24 V)
Package Contents Front light handlebar
Handlebar test standard ISO 4210 Mountain bike: 31.8㎜ center diameter
Function Lights up when AC power is supplied
Power source Dynamo AC
Power consumption 1.5W
Nominal voltage AC 6V (3W)
Package Contents Front light handlebar
Extension cable(80cm)

Special handlebar design of H2
The handlebar has at least one drilled or milled out hole in which the headlight lens is integrated. Depending on the version, there may be an additional hole for the power supply. In addition, the headlight (LED lens and circuit board) is built into the handlebar in such a way that it is protected from the elements. The handlebar is sealed so that water cannot enter.


Diameter (see drawing)  Center diameter 31.8 ㎜, Grip diameter 22.2 ㎜
Widths (see drawing)  600 ㎜ / 620 ㎜ / 640 ㎜ / 660 ㎜ / 680 ㎜ / 700 ㎜
Color and surface finish  polished Silver / anodized Black.
Material  Aluminum 6061 T6

How Was Built-in Light Handlebar Created?

Unique LED Hole Shape In Can Opener (Can Tab) Shape
In order to build the head light at the handle bar, more than 12mm hole shall be necessary, and if the hole of these sizes is carved into the handle bar, the strength or durability of handle bar can be deteriorated. To solve such problems, we have made unique LED Hole shape in Can opener (Can tab) shape. This hole prevents the stress applied surroundings of hole to be concentrated on a certain point, so that it eventually prevents the damages on handle bar upon the process of hole. With this technology, we could make 25.4mm handle bar in diameter with possible ISO-City to be passed up to 560mm and 31.8mm handle bar in diameter with possible ISO-Mountain to be passed up to 700mm.

<Shape of the headlight in front of the wing of a Boeing Airplane>

<The hole shape of the Lightskin handlebar>

LED unit
An LED with integrated electronic light control. The lens itself does not have a reflector and is protected by an additional protective screen. The LED, circuit board and battery are fully integrated in the handlebar tube and are thus protected (dust and splash proof in accordance with IPX5).

Operating temperature Min.: -15°C, Max.: 45°C
Optimum storage temperature: 20-25° C
Compliant with standard or directive RoHS, UN3481, StVZO §22a TA 14b (Bicycle rear light), IPX5

The handlebars must be mounted centrally in the stem and the headlight must not, under any circumstances, be covered. The headlight must be mounted so that it emits light from the front. The reference axis (see drawing) must be aligned parallel to the bicycle’s longitudinal axis.

Mounting height of the headlight according to the StVZO : Min.: 400 ㎜, Max.: 1200 ㎜

Product Matrix

ISO 4210
EN 15194 ISO 4210
Type : Straight
Color : Silver / Black
Width(㎜) : 580(e-bike only) / 600 / 620 / 640 / 660/ 680 / 700
Type : Riser(WIEN)
Color : Silver / Black
Width(㎜) : 640 / 680 
Type : City(Comfort)
Color : Silver / Black
Width(㎜) : 640
Type : Moon(Semi-comfort)
Color : Silver / Black
Width(㎜) : 620