Rearlight for bicycles integrated in the seatposts

This bicycle seatpost with integrated rear light
ensures the visibility and safety on the road with its glare-free LEDs.

Safety instructions

At startup, the product must be dry. Remove any moisture before riding. After installation, test that the seatpost does not drop under load. Take care that the LEDs are not covered by a bag or clothing when riding. Do not make any independent changes to the product. Do not try to open the product.

Compared to existing bike lights that are attached externally, LightSKIN has numerous advantages.

There is no extrusion, so there is less risk of breakage and less possibility of theft. It guarantee superior performance and the resistance to amage by water is excellent because of adoption of the LED circuit self-invented in South Korea and a unique patent internal structure.

A simple design harmonizes with the overall design of the bicycle, enabling customers to ultimately achieve a modernized aesthetic.

Lightskin built-in light products with simple design and function won the 2010 red-dot design award, the 2020 red-dot design award, and the 2020 Taipei d&i award.

Mechanical stopper

As for S311, S311E, and S311D, a ring-type mechanical stopper is provided between the third LED and the fourth LED in order to protect protruded LED and ensure the minimum brightness meeting the StVZO standard. (only applicable to StVZO model).


Use the correct diameter corresponding to your bicycle frame. Use the appropriate tool to fasten the saddle support. The minimum insertion length into the frame is 100mm. The rear light must be aligned so that it shines backward. The connector of built-in light seatpost and the connector of power source should be compatible, which must be ascertained before the purchase of the product. 

Integrated lights
Lights are in frame. Light skin’s special design brightens the way ahead.
Turn them on and off with a simple tap. Be seen by others on the road, ever aware of your surroundings.

Bikes with LightSKIN