2023-2024 NEW products

Front light & Cycling computer are in One


U12T ensures safe riding during nighttime with its
low/high beam functionality and the wireless
connection between the E-bike and the monitor
elevates the E-bike’s capabilities to a whole new
level. Additionally, the built-in map navigation
feature enhances convenience for cyclists,
allowing for a more enjoyable riding experience.


Ultra Smart front light


High-performance bike front light for everyone.
LightSKIN U8 is a bike front light of high and low beam and 5,000mAh battery light and controlled by wireless switch.
U8 will contribute to the safe riding of cyclists through its excellent performance and high user convenience.


Hyper bright, still integrated


The LightSKIN built-in light handlebar has undergone further evolution with the introduction of H1. H1 represents a complete redefinition of optical technology in bicycle lights, offering users an unparalleled experience. Experience the new lens from LightSKIN, achieved through highly precise optic technology.


Ultra bright, still Ultramini


Neo Ultra Light is a high-powered variant of the Ultramini
light. Although slightly larger in size, it delivers over
three times the power. For bicycle manufacturers and
consumers seeking a combination of compactness and
superior illumination, the Neo Ultra Light stands out as
the obvious choice.