NACAROAD projection lens headlamp

The Eurobike Awards is a prestigious award from the bicycle industry, which awards the products of original, functional and superior design from among the products exhibited at the Eurobike exhibition every year.

2010 reddot award winner

2020 taipei cycle d&i award winner

2020 reddot award winner

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Written by Tristan Bogaard  6/26/2023  bikepacking.com

It’s a neat idea that seemed well executed and bright enough for the city environment. There are three versions: one that has to be manually charged, one that’s powered by the battery of an e-bike, and one that’s powered by a dynamo. They also had a display of handlebars with integrated front lights, of which the top one had the brightest setting… … more

Das Lightskin Naca Road im TOUR-Test

Written by Matthias Borchers  6/20/2023  tour-magazin.de

Wer in der Morgendämmerung startet oder nach Sonnenuntergang noch unterwegs ist, findet in der Lightskin Naca Road von Schindelhauer einen guten Begleiter. Der Scheinwerfer mit Straßenzulassung ist das erste LED-­Akku-Licht von Schindelhauer, die eigentlich für trendige Urbanbikes bekannt sind. …more

World’s smallest bicycle front light: SKIN Ultra-Mini-Light (U2)

10/17/2021  urbanbike.news

The Korean company LightSKIN presents the Ultra-Mini-Light (U2), the world’s smallest bicycle front light that exceeds the high requirements of the German StVZO. At the same time, the tiny headlight is barely wider than a 1-euro coin and weighs only 25 grams. … more

Lightskin NACA Road headlight illuminates new aero gains

Written by Tyler Benedict  9/4/2021  bikerumor.com

Filed under “why hasn’t anybody done this before” is the beautiful new NACA Road headlight from Lightskin. Developed with a quasi-NACA airfoil shape, the light is designed to minimize drag. More importantly, its advanced optical design draws on automotive headlamp tech to perfectly light up the road ahead of you with a beam pattern that ensures high visibility at high speeds. … more

Schindelhauer adds dynamo-powered LightSkin internal seatpost & handlebar lights


Written by Cory Benson 1/27/2022 bikerumor.com

Thanks to new dynamo-powered LightSkin internal seatpost & handlebar lighting, city bike riders can stay visible without ever having to worry about charging lights again. German city bike maker Schindelhauer has again partnered with the Korean light maker to offer the full integrated lights available on their bikes, and separately. … more

Light system for easy retrofitting: LightSkin’s LED handlebar and seatpost tested

11/8/2021  urbanbike.news

Much more elegant — and not even much more complicated to install — is the LightSkin lighting kit. Here, the headlight and taillight are integrated directly into the handlebar and the seatpost, which is hardly noticeable when switched off. And yet it is a full-fledged battery lighting system, which is also StVZO-approved and can therefore be used legally on German roads! … more

LightSKIN & Schindelhauer make integrated commuter lighting more accessible together


Written by Cory Benson  10/30/2020  bikerumor.com

We’ve seen neatly integrated LightSKIN LED bike lighting for many years, but now they’ve become much easier to get ahold of, added German StVZO certification for both front & rear lights, and take home some new awards. Now tucking high-visibility lights into both standalone alloy handlebars and seatposts, you can upgrade the on-board lighting or your urban commuter bike in either classic shiny silver or modern stealth matte black … more

LightSKIN honoured with Red Dot Design Award 2020.

Written by Liberty Sheldon 10/30/2020  cyclingindustry.news

LightSKIN has been awarded the Red Dot Design Award in the category Product Design for its bicycle lighting system.
The road-legal (German StVZO-compliant) bicycle lighting system from LightSKIN is awarded for outstanding achievements in design by a jury consisting of 40 international experts who said: “The LightSKIN lighting system innovatively utilises modern technology and draws attention with its intelligent and functional concept.” … more